Spriggs is your constant supply of herbs and spices all year round: whole and fresh, dried, powdered, flaked and in a variety of sauces. Make your favourite meals with seasonal herbs and spices all year round! No chemical preservatives added.

We seek to preserve the presence of natural herbs and spices in meal preparations as opposed to additional chemicals as a way of giving flavour to our meals.

We value the contribution spices and herbs make to the taste and aroma of meals, however insignificant they may seem. That teaspoon of basil or shrimp can turn that meal upside down and take you and your family/guests to cloud nine after the first bite/ sip!

With our cherished customers in mind,our products are grown in rich Ghanaian soil and are carefully tended and harvested to preserve the natural flavour and oils.

Spriggs offers a new and improved taste to your all-time favorite meals and introduces you to new ones you had no idea you could make! We want to bring life and health back into every kitchen!

Spriggs @ Storefoundry

Spriggs @ Skin Gourmet Shop, Kanda

Call/ Whatsapp 0205182360 to order

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